Today I had a craving for anything with spicy curry so I stopped at Teluk Intan famous Indian restaurant, Ghulam Rasul. Jln Changkat Jong.

Yep.. it's only RM 3.80. I didn't care for any meat so it was only this mostly potato and a flood of kurma, fish, chicken curry on rice. That roundish hash thingy I don't know what but it also tasted like potato.

The Teh O Ais is RM 1.40 (regular price) but the rice is quite cheap even by this small town's standard.

Also, the red paste chilly is a specialty I only see here in this restaurant. I don't see it in any other Nasi Campur/Nasi Kandar shop. I like it because it has that sourly spicy unique taste.

Overall quite satisfying lunch. Recommended if you are anywhere in the town of Teluk Intan. And sure, do try their meat dishes.

One thing I like is that they don't keep the dishes too long (like some of those mamak shops) and all is freshly fried/cook in front of you.

I'd describe Ghulam as something like Line Clear of Penang but much cleaner (no smelly drains nearby) and probably equal if not better in food taste :)

Surprised to see a vegetarian shop passing the food shop at the basement (P1) level of Ikano Power Centre. Usually if I eat here, it will be the mamak mixed rice or chicken rice. So I gave the vegetarian mixed rice a go. 

Also, it seems popular as a short queue started to form in front of the shop even though it was just 11:55am.

A choice of white rice or brown rice. I chose the brown rice and 3 vege. Curry potatoes, vegetarian fish and curry vegetables. It was quite good which makes sense seeing the lunch crowd going to this stall.

RM 7 for my lunch which comes together with a small bowl of soup.

I guess the white rice + 3 vege is RM 6 according to one customer from FourSquares.

Green Life Vegetarian

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant and Malaysian Restaurant
Ikano Power Centre (LG62, 2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara), 47800 Petaling JayaSelangor
GPS: 3.1559377 , 101.6114514
Was adventurous this evening and tried out this new shop called My Cake Home at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

First dish ordered was the Hainanese Chicken Chop. 

A little disappointing because the chicken was plainly fried and was no different from crispy  fried KFC drumstick. The sauce looked like ketchup sauce and it was. It was not bad tasting but disappointing because it is definitely not Hainanese Chicken Chop. The fries and coleslaw tasted like the usual.

What attracted me to this place was that the previous night I passed it and saw customers eating pizza and satay. I was impressed with the range of dishes. So the second dish I tried was the prawn pizza.

I liked the presentation of the pizza on the wooden platter. Taste wise the cheese and prawns were ok but the dough was disappointing as it was thin so I was expecting it to be a little crispy but instead it was a little tough.

The shop has free WiFi so I tried to use it to check on FourSquare what was the comments on this shop. However the speed was so slow the app and any web page I tried was crawling slow! 

I had to use my own 3G connection and found that FourSquare gives this a 5+ rating (out of 10) and common comments that the dishes were expensive. One curious FourSquare comment (the first) gave it a glowing review saying how good the food was and how reasonable price etc which was totally different from the all other comments after that. 

Overall, it's not bad but I have to concur with the other FourSquare comments that the place is pricey for the quality of food served.

The Hainanese Chicken Chop was RM 16.
The Pizza was RM 23.

The place is called "My Cake House" but I didn't try any of their cakes. I assume that the cakes should be better than their other dishes.