Cheap Lunch

Today I had a craving for anything with spicy curry so I stopped at Teluk Intan famous Indian restaurant, Ghulam Rasul. Jln Changkat Jong.

Yep.. it's only RM 3.80. I didn't care for any meat so it was only this mostly potato and a flood of kurma, fish, chicken curry on rice. That roundish hash thingy I don't know what but it also tasted like potato.

The Teh O Ais is RM 1.40 (regular price) but the rice is quite cheap even by this small town's standard.

Also, the red paste chilly is a specialty I only see here in this restaurant. I don't see it in any other Nasi Campur/Nasi Kandar shop. I like it because it has that sourly spicy unique taste.

Overall quite satisfying lunch. Recommended if you are anywhere in the town of Teluk Intan. And sure, do try their meat dishes.

One thing I like is that they don't keep the dishes too long (like some of those mamak shops) and all is freshly fried/cook in front of you.

I'd describe Ghulam as something like Line Clear of Penang but much cleaner (no smelly drains nearby) and probably equal if not better in food taste :)


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